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Monday, January 19, 2015

But I Do Not Know How to Paint!

No experience necessary! Come, have fun, let yourself be creative, make mistakes and learn the freedom of the "do-over"!  People will share things they have learned, encourage you to try out styles and methods, and learn to express yourself.  Along the way will be inspiring devotions, Bible verses, and great opportunity to make friends who care and will pray for and with you!

Painting is a lot like life. We all have that blank canvas staring us in the face. We might be afraid of messing up, doing something wrong and not doing it professionally the first time.
Painting allows "do overs."
That is a lot like coming to know Jesus Christ and developing faith in God.  We can look at the blank canvas of our life, maybe see some mistakes, but there is Someone - if we just ask for help - who is willing to cover up our efforts and stand with us as we "do it over."

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